Physio Beauce-Appalaches:
physiotherapy professionals dedicated to you


At Physio Beauce-Appalaches, you will find a strong, professional and hearty team of physiotherapists dedicated to the human being.

Since its opening in 1994, Physio Beauce-Appalaches has been constantly growing.

Opening of the first physiotherapy clinic, in 1994, in St-Georges, by Mr. David Lacasse, physiotherapist.

Purchase and expansion of the St-Georges' physiotherapy clinic in 1995.

Purchase of the isokinetic strengthening device, called Biodex in 1995. One of the rare clinics owning a Biodex in Quebec.

Purchase of the MedX isokinetic strengthening device in 1996. Physio Beauce-Appalaches is one of the few physiotherapy clinics owning a MedX in Quebec.

Opening of the second physiotherapy clinic, in 2001, in St-Joseph, by Mr. David Lacasse, physiotherapist.

Purchase of a new office in St-Joseph, in 2004, for a new physiotherapy clinic.

Opening of a third physiotherapy clinic in Lac-Etchemin in 2005, by Mr. David Lacasse, physiotherapist in association with Mr. Jean-Philippe Perreault, physiotherapist and Mrs. Jenny Bernard, physiotherapist.